A few pictures of the children of George and Bessie Hollister

Warner, Kay and Sara and the Burpee Seed box wagon, 1907

EPH, Sara, Kay, Edgar in carriage, Beth, Robert, Warner, 1911

Kay, Warner, Robert, Beth, Edgar, Sara, November 1912

Top: EPH  Middle:Sarah, Beth, Julia W. Hollister, Warner  Bottom: Edgar, Robert, Kay - 1913

Edgar, Beth, Kay, Sara, Robert - 1914

Beth, Robert, EPH, Edgar, Kay, Sara - 1917
"1st day of school for Edgar. Started in 2nd grade but after a few days was put in 3rd"

Edgar, Warner, Ellenor, Robert, Kay, Charlie Grose, Sara, Clarence Linder, Beth, Charles Marshall
This was probably taken at the Troy Rd. house at the time of the marriage of Beth and Charles Marshall, 1931.