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     Ancestors and Descendants of
George C. Hollister and Elizabeth Phillips

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Homes in need of identification

Greetings to Descendants of George C. Hollister and Elizabeth Phillips Hollister and spouses and friends.

Well, the 6th biennial cousins reunion is over and was a grand time. Our thanks again to Jeeby and Cathy for all their work in hosting it and again to Bob for all the work in getting it going.

I understand the actual attendance was 65 but I'm not sure if Jeeby included all his clan in that count.

The first batch of photos is in.

Rich Grose reunion pictures.

I am, as time allows, correcting errors in the scan of the Hollister book, copies of which were distributed at the reunion. To date I have added the title page and the preface. I have corrected most errors for the English Hollisters, and the American Hollisters generatiions 1-9. To view and download the corrections, CLICK HERE

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